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Can you play games on PS5 while transferring data? (Quick answer)

Tired of staring at a progress bar while your PS5 transfers gigabytes of data? Fear not, fellow gamer! This guide delves into the world of PS5 data transfers and answers the burning question: can you actually play games while transferring data? We’re about to unlock the secrets to maximizing your PS5 playtime.

Can you play games on PS5 while transferring data?

Unveiling the Transfer Landscape: What Gets Moved?

Before diving into gameplay, let’s understand what data your PS5 juggles. Game saves, profiles, trophies, and even entire game installations can be transferred from a PS4 or another PS5. This process can take anywhere from minutes to hours, depending on the data volume and your internet connection.

So, Can You Play Games on PS5 While Transferring Data?

The answer is a resounding yes… but with some caveats. Here’s the breakdown.

  • Partial Transfer: Once the initial data transfer (including system software) is complete, your PS5 restarts. This might seem like a setback, but it’s actually good news! After restarting, you can play specific games while other data continues transferring in the background.
  • Not All Games Are Created Equal: Not every game will be playable immediately. Only games with transferred save data or those already installed on the PS5 will be accessible. Games still being downloaded will remain locked until the transfer finishes.
  • Performance Considerations: While playing during transfer is possible, don’t expect peak performance. The PS5 prioritizes data transfer, so you might encounter occasional lag or frame rate drops.

Optimizing Your Playtime: Tips and Tricks

can you play games on PS5 while transferring data
If you’re itching to play, choose games with smaller file sizes or those already installed

So, how can you squeeze the most out of your PS5 while data transfers chug along? Here are some pro tips:

  • Prioritize Smaller Games: If you’re itching to play, choose games with smaller file sizes or those already installed. This minimizes transfer time and lets you jump in quicker.
  • Utilize Rest Mode: While not directly related to gameplay, putting your PS5 in Rest Mode during transfers saves power and allows background downloads to continue.
  • Monitor Progress: Keep an eye on the transfer progress through the Downloads/Uploads section in the Control Center. This helps you gauge when specific games become playable.
  • Embrace Patience: Remember, data transfers are essential for seamless console transitions. Treat them as an opportunity to catch up on news, grab a snack, or strategize for your next gaming adventure.

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Beyond the Basics: Advanced Transfer Techniques

For power users, here are some advanced techniques for juggling transfers and playtime:

  • External Storage: Utilize an external SSD to store frequently played games. This allows you to seamlessly switch between them while data transfers occur on the internal drive.
  • Network Optimization: Ensure your internet connection is stable and offers sufficient bandwidth for smooth transfers. Consider upgrading your internet plan if necessary.
  • PlayStation Plus Cloud Storage: If you have PlayStation Plus, leverage cloud storage to upload saves and access them on any PS5, regardless of data transfers.

Final Thoughts

With the right understanding and a sprinkle of patience, you can absolutely enjoy your PS5 while data transfers work their magic. So, fire up your favorite game, monitor progress, and embrace the multitasking power of your console!


Q. Will playing during transfers damage my PS5?
A. No, playing during transfers won’t harm your PS5. However, occasional performance dips are possible due to resource prioritization.

Q. Can I transfer data from a PS4 while playing a PS5 game?
A. Yes! Data transfers from PS4 to PS5 occur in the background, allowing you to play PS5 games simultaneously.

Q. What happens if I turn off my PS5 during a data transfer?
A. Don’t do that! This can corrupt data and cause delays. Let the transfer complete for a smooth experience.

Q. Can I transfer data over Wi-Fi?
A. Yes, but a wired Ethernet connection is recommended for faster and more stable transfers.

Q. Are there any alternative ways to transfer data?
A. Yes, you can transfer data using a USB storage device, but the process might be slower than using Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

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