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Does Peloton Work with Zwift? Exploring Compatibility and Alternatives

Peloton and Zwift are the titans of indoor cycling, offering immersive workouts from the comfort of your home. But what if you crave the structured coaching of Peloton and the virtual landscapes of Zwift? The good news is, there might be a way to get both. In this article, we’ll explore the compatibility between Peloton bikes and the Zwift app, delving into what works, what doesn’t, and whether it’s the perfect solution for your cycling needs.

So, does Peloton work with Zwift? Let’s answer this question in greater depth.

Here’s a Quick Primer

  • Peloton: A stationary bike offering live and on-demand spin classes with interactive features and a thriving community.
  • Zwift: A virtual cycling platform where you ride through simulated landscapes, compete with others, and train in structured workouts.

Now, the million-dollar question:

Does Peloton Work with Zwift?

Technically, yes, you can use a Peloton bike with Zwift. However, it’s important to understand the limitations:

  • No automatic resistance control: Unlike “smart” trainers that adjust resistance based on Zwift’s terrain, Peloton bikes lack this functionality. Zwift won’t automatically change the resistance on your Peloton, so you’ll need to adjust it manually using the knob, affecting the immersive Zwift experience.
  • Limited social features: While Zwift boasts a vibrant virtual world with avatars representing other riders, Peloton users might not see other Peloton riders on Zwift leaderboards due to compatibility limitations.

Workarounds for Using Peloton with Zwift

Does Peloton Work with Zwift
While technically compatible, using Peloton with Zwift has limitations

While not ideal, there are a couple of workarounds to bridge the gap.

  • Power meter pedals: These advanced pedals measure your power output, allowing Zwift to adjust the virtual terrain based on your effort, even though the Peloton bike itself won’t adjust resistance. This provides a more realistic Zwift experience but comes at an additional cost.
  • Third-party devices: Products like the “Shift” smart trainer connect to your Peloton bike and Zwift, enabling automatic resistance control. However, these devices can be expensive and add complexity to your setup.

Peloton-Zwift Compatibility and Limitations

Feature Peloton Bike Zwift
Automatic resistance control No Yes (with compatible trainers)
Power measurement Yes (basic) Yes (more advanced)
Leaderboard visibility Limited (may not see other Peloton users) Full visibility

Final Thoughts

While technically compatible, using Peloton with Zwift has limitations. You might need additional equipment (power meter pedals or third-party devices) and experience a less than ideal Zwift experience due to the lack of automatic resistance control and limited social features.

If features like automatic resistance control and a fully immersive Zwift experience are crucial, consider investing in a dedicated Zwift bike or a smart trainer compatible with both platforms. This will offer a seamless and optimized Zwift experience.


Q. Will using Zwift with Peloton damage my bike?
A. Using Zwift with Peloton shouldn’t damage your bike as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and stay within recommended resistance levels. However, it’s always recommended to consult your Peloton user manual or customer service for specific guidance.

Q. Can I use the Peloton app with Zwift?
A. No, the Peloton app is not compatible with Zwift. You’ll need to subscribe to the Zwift app separately to access its features.

Q. Are there any free alternatives to Zwift?
A. Several free alternatives offer virtual cycling experiences, although features might be limited compared to Zwift. Examples include Rouvy, TrainerRoad (free trial available), and Kinomap.

Q. What are the benefits of using a dedicated Zwift bike?
A. Dedicated Zwift bikes offer several advantages, including:

  • Automatic resistance control for a more realistic Zwift experience
  • Wider range of compatible accessories and training programs
  • Potentially better integration with Zwift software

Q. Where can I find more information about Zwift and Peloton compatibility?

A. You can refer to the official websites of both platforms:

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