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Does Playing a Game Slow Download Speed on PS5? (Answered)

Remember those agonizing days on PS4, where launching a game meant watching your download speeds plummet faster than a rogue Wile E. Coyote? Fear not, fellow PlayStation warriors, for the PS5 promises a new era of downloading bliss. But does the reality live up to the hype? Can you game and grab juicy updates simultaneously without sacrificing precious internet bandwidth?

Buckle up, gamers, because we’re about to dive deep into the download dilemma on PS5.

The great download debate: Does it even matter?

Let’s be real, downloading on any console can be a chore. We crave instant gratification, yet there we are, staring at a progress bar inching its way along like a snail on Ambien. And on PS4, playing a game often felt like throwing your download hopes into a bottomless pit.

So, does it even matter if PS5 improves things? Absolutely! Faster downloads mean less time twiddling thumbs and more time slaying dragons, exploring vibrant open worlds, or dominating online arenas. It’s the difference between conquering boredom and surrendering to the dreaded download purgatory.

So, does playing a game slow download speed on PS5?

Does Playing a Game Slow Download Speed on PS5
Certain games, especially those with heavy online components or demanding graphics, might cause more noticeable dips in download speed

So, can you finally play and download in peace on PS5? The good news is yes! Playing games generally won’t bring your downloads to a screeching halt. They might take a tad longer, but you can still enjoy both simultaneously without major hiccups.

However, there are some caveats. Certain games, especially those with heavy online components or demanding graphics, might cause more noticeable dips in download speed. Additionally, factors like your internet connection and server strain can also play a role. Think of it like your local highway; during rush hour (peak server times), even with efficient traffic management, things might slow down a bit.

PS4 woes and the promised land of PS5: A tale of two generations

PS4’s download system felt like a traffic jam during rush hour. Bandwidth, that precious digital oil, was shared between running games and downloads, leading to agonizingly slow progress. Multiplayer matches stuttered, single-player worlds loaded like molasses, and updates stretched into eons. It was enough to make even the most patient gamer curse under their breath.

Does Playing a Game Slow Download Speed on PS5
With the PS5, you can launch your favorite title and still expect downloads to chug along at a respectable pace, not grinding to a snail’s crawl

Thankfully, the PS5 brings a breath of fresh air – or should we say, a blast of broadband. Its powerful custom CPU and SSD combo work together to manage bandwidth more efficiently, allocating resources dynamically between downloads and running games. This means you can launch your favorite title and still expect downloads to chug along at a respectable pace, not grinding to a snail’s crawl.

Unveiling the mystery: PS5 download mechanics

So, how exactly does PS5 orchestrate this digital waltz? Let’s peek behind the curtain at the key players.

Bandwidth allocation

Imagine the internet as a highway, and your downloads and games as competing cars. PS5 acts as a wise traffic cop, assigning lanes and ensuring both reach their destination without gridlock. Games get priority for smooth performance, but downloads still get a dedicated lane, albeit a narrower one. The result? Downloads might take slightly longer, but they won’t completely crawl to a standstill.


Not all downloads are created equal. A hefty game update deserves more attention than a small indie gem. PS5 understands this, prioritizing larger downloads so you can get back to the action quicker. It’s like having a VIP lane for your most anticipated updates, letting you skip the queue and dive into the fun faster.

Rest mode

Remember when putting your PS4 in rest mode felt like putting your downloads on hold? With PS5, rest mode becomes a download warrior. While you’re catching some Zs, your console silently siphons data in the background, waking up with your game library refreshed and ready to roll. It’s the ultimate lazy gamer’s dream come true – downloading while you dream!

Testing the battlefield: Real-world scenarios

Now, let’s take this theory out for a spin. How does playing different types of games affect download speeds?

Online multiplayer mayhem

Bullets and bytes collide in the online arena. Games like Warzone or Rocket League demand constant internet connection, which could potentially eat into your download bandwidth. While you might notice a slight dip in download speed compared to playing offline, it’s usually minimal and won’t ruin your online experience.

Single-player serenity

Craving a solo adventure? Downloading while exploring a single-player world like God of War or Horizon Forbidden West is practically a match made in gamer heaven. With less emphasis on real-time online communication, downloads enjoy a smoother flow, often progressing at near full speed even while you’re busy slaying gods or taming machines.

Streaming the action

Want to watch someone else game while your own downloads chug along? Streaming services like Twitch or YouTube can also compete for bandwidth, potentially impacting your download speeds. However, unless you’re streaming at the highest quality or your internet connection is already struggling, the effect is usually minor.

Pro tips for download domination

Prioritize wisely

If a game update is burning a hole in your digital pocket, head to the Downloads menu and hit “Prioritize.” This puts that download at the front of the queue, ensuring it gets the lion’s share of your bandwidth.

Rest mode magic

Unleash the silent warriors! Put your PS5 in rest mode and let it work its downloading magic while you grab some snacks or catch some Zs. Remember, a well-rested console downloads faster than a sleep-deprived one.

Ethernet embrace

Ditch the Wi-Fi woes and hug an ethernet cable. A wired connection offers a more stable and consistent data flow, boosting your download speeds and minimizing those pesky disconnects. Think of it as trading in your rusty old bike for a sleek rocket ship – your downloads will thank you.

Close the competition

Silence the resource-hungry apps! Streaming music, video chatting, or running other bandwidth-guzzling activities can slow down your downloads. Close any unnecessary applications before launching a game to give your downloads the full bandwidth buffet.

Beyond the peed: Other download factors

Remember, your PS5 is just one player in the download game. Here are some external factors that can also impact your speeds.

Your internet’s the MVP

Check those speeds! A slow internet connection is like trying to fill a pool with a teaspoon. If your download speeds are crawling even without playing a game, contact your internet service provider and see if they can up your game (pun intended).

Server strain

The great download bottleneck. Imagine everyone trying to download the latest blockbuster game at once. Server overload can slow down everyone’s download speeds, regardless of their individual internet connection. Be patient, grab a drink, and trust that the servers will eventually catch up.

Storage wars

Don’t fill that SSD just yet! A nearly full SSD can also impact download speeds. Make sure you have enough free space before starting a large download, or consider investing in an external hard drive to give your storage some breathing room.

Final thoughts

The good news is, you can finally game and download with confidence on PS5. While playing might slightly slow things down, it’s no longer the download apocalypse of the PS4 era. With a little optimization and strategic use of features like rest mode and prioritization, you can keep the data flowing and the games rolling, ensuring your PlayStation experience is smoother than ever before. So, grab your controller, fire up your favorite title, and let the downloads commence! The future of gaming is here, and it’s filled with faster downloads and endless possibilities.


Q. Can I download while playing PS5 games in rest mode?
A. Absolutely! Rest mode is ideal for downloads, letting your PS5 work its magic while you’re away.

Q. What games impact download speeds the most?
A. Games with heavy online components or demanding graphics might cause slightly slower downloads compared to single-player titles.

Q. Can I prioritize downloads over games on PS5?
A. Yes! Head to the Downloads menu and prioritize the download you want to speed up.

Q. My downloads are still slow! What can I do?
A. Check your internet connection, ensure you’re using an ethernet cable, and close any unnecessary applications. If the problem persists, contact your internet service provider.

Q. Should I always use an ethernet cable for PS5 downloads?
A. Yes, if possible. An ethernet cable offers a more stable and consistent connection, significantly boosting your download speeds.

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