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Does the MSI G272 Have Speakers? (Quick Answer)

You’re locked in an intense online battle, the screen a flurry of lightning-fast action rendered in stunning detail thanks to the MSI G272’s buttery-smooth 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. Every bullet whizzes, every explosion booms, immersing you completely in the digital world. But wait, something’s missing! No triumphant roars erupt from the monitor as you secure victory.

Does the MSI G272, with its sleek design and impressive specs, leave you hanging in the silence? Fear not, intrepid gamer, for we shall delve into the sonic mysteries of this captivating monitor and uncover the truth… does it have built-in speakers? Buckle up, and let’s embark on a quest for clarity (and perhaps a little bass)!

So, Does the MSI G272 Have Speakers?

While the G272 prioritizes top-notch visuals, it doesn’t come equipped with speakers. This aligns with many gaming monitors that focus on delivering an immersive visual experience, leaving audio to external solutions. But fear not, sound warriors! The G272 offers several ways to pump up the audio.

Plug and Play with Headphones/Earphones

The G272 features a handy 3.5mm audio jack. Simply connect your favorite headphones or earphones, and you’re good to go. This classic option provides a personalized, private listening experience, perfect for late-night gaming sessions without disturbing others.

External Speakers: Level Up Your Soundscape

For a room-filling audio experience, connect external speakers to the 3.5mm audio jack or the USB port (if your speakers have a USB connection). This is ideal for creating a truly cinematic atmosphere for your games, movies, and more.

Wireless Freedom: Embrace Bluetooth Speakers

Cut the cords and go wireless with a Bluetooth speaker. This option offers flexibility and convenience, letting you move around freely while enjoying immersive sound. Just pair your speaker with the G272, and you’re all set!

Conclusion: Sound Solutions for Every Gamer

While the MSI G272 doesn’t have built-in speakers, its versatile connectivity options let you choose the audio solution that best suits your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer the focused intimacy of headphones, the room-filling power of external speakers, or the wireless freedom of Bluetooth, you can create a customized soundscape that elevates your gaming experience.


Q. How do I connect headphones to the MSI G272?
A. Simply plug your headphones’ 3.5mm jack into the audio jack on the monitor’s back panel.

Q. Can I use a USB headset with the G272?
A. Yes, you can plug the USB headset directly into your computer’s USB port for both audio and microphone functionality.

Q. What are some good external speakers for the G272?
A. Many options are available! Consider factors like your budget, desired sound quality, and whether you want stereo or surround sound. Popular choices include Logitech G560, Razer Nommo Chroma, and Creative Labs Gigaworks T40 Series II.

Q. Does the G272 support Bluetooth audio?
A. No, the G272 itself doesn’t have Bluetooth functionality. However, you can use a Bluetooth transmitter connected to the monitor’s audio jack to enable Bluetooth speaker connectivity.

Q. What are some other features of the MSI G272?
A. The G272 boasts a 144Hz refresh rate for smooth visuals, 1ms response time for lag-free gameplay, an IPS panel for vibrant colors and wide viewing angles, and FreeSync compatibility for tear-free gaming.

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