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Does the PS5 Controller Have a Gyroscope? (Quick Answer)

Hey there, PlayStation enthusiasts! Ever wonder if your fancy new DualSense controller packs a hidden superpower beyond haptic feedback and adaptive triggers? Today, we’re diving deep into the world of gyroscopes, exploring their presence in the PS5 controller and unlocking their potential for seriously immersive gameplay. So, buckle up and get ready to tilt, twist, and turn your way to a whole new level of gaming!

The PS5 DualSense Controller

Remember that futuristic-looking gamepad you snatched off the shelves last year? The DualSense, with its sleek design and mind-blowing features, was more than just an upgrade. It was a revolution in controller technology. From the heart-pounding rumble of explosions to the fingertip tension of pulling a bowstring, the DualSense brought your games to life like never before. But wait, there’s more! Nestled within the controller’s core lies a tiny but mighty sensor: the gyroscope.

Does the PS5 Controller Have a Gyroscope?

Spoiler alert: it does! The PS5 controller has a gyroscope.

Gyroscope 101: Your Tiny Tilt-Sensing Partner

Does PS5 controller have gyroscope
This gyroscope detects even the slightest movements, helping your device understand its orientation in space

Imagine a miniature spinning top that keeps track of your every tilt and turn. That’s essentially what a gyroscope does! This sensor detects even the slightest movements, helping your device understand its orientation in space. Think about your smartphone’s auto-rotate function or those VR experiences that let you lean left to peek around corners. That’s the gyroscope in action!

Motion Control Magic on PS5: Tilting Your Way to Victory

So, how does this spinning wonder translate into your PS5 gameplay? While not currently as extensively used as on platforms like the Nintendo Switch, the PS5’s gyroscope does unlock some exciting possibilities. Imagine aiming down sights in an FPS game by tilting your controller, mimicking the natural movement of your hand. Or think about steering your character in a racing game by gently swaying the controller left and right. These are just a taste of what the gyroscope can do!

Games Embracing the Tilt: Gyro in Action

Several PS5 titles have already started incorporating the gyroscope, offering unique and immersive experiences. In Astro’s Playroom, you use the controller’s tilt to navigate platforms and solve puzzles. Resident Evil Village lets you fine-tune your aim with gyro controls, while Death Stranding Director’s Cut allows you to balance packages by tilting the controller. These are just a few examples, and with ongoing development, we can expect more games to explore the gyroscope’s potential.

Limitations: Not Quite a Tilt-a-Whirl Yet

It’s important to remember that gyroscope implementation on PS5 is still in its early stages. Compared to platforms like the Switch, where gyro aiming is a system-wide feature, PS5 relies on individual game developers to integrate the functionality. This means limited availability and varying implementation styles. Additionally, some genres might not translate well to gyro controls, requiring careful design choices from developers.

The Future is Tilting: Gyro’s Untapped Potential

Does PS5 controller have gyroscope
Maybe one day we’ll even see system-wide gyro aiming for even more precise control across genres

Despite these limitations, the future of the gyroscope on PS5 is bright! Imagine archery games where pulling back the virtual bowstring involves tilting the controller. Think about puzzle games where you manipulate objects by physically moving your hands. With further exploration and innovative thinking, the gyroscope could become a game-changer, pushing the boundaries of immersion and control. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll even see system-wide gyro aiming for even more precise control across genres!

Conclusion: A Tilting Adventure Awaits

So, does the PS5 controller have a gyroscope? A resounding yes! While its current implementation might be limited, the potential for enhanced gameplay and immersive experiences is undeniable. As developers continue to experiment and explore, the gyroscope could become a defining feature of the PS5 era, tilting the way we play towards a future of dynamic and intuitive control. Buckle up, gamers, because the future of gaming is about to get seriously tilted!


Q. Can I use the gyroscope for all PS5 games?
A. Unfortunately, not yet. Currently, only specific games integrate the gyroscope, so you’ll need to check each game’s settings to see if it’s supported.

Q. How do I activate the gyroscope in a game?
A. If a game supports gyro controls, you’ll usually find the option in the game’s settings menu under “Controls” or “Gameplay.” Look for options like “Gyro Aiming” or “Motion Controls.”

Q. Is the PS5 gyroscope as good as the Switch’s?
A. The implementation varies, and some find the Switch’s gyroscope to be more responsive or customizable. However, the PS5 gyroscope still holds great potential as developers become more familiar

Q. What are some limitations of using the gyroscope?
A. Using the gyroscope can take some practice to get used to, and it might not be suitable for all genres or playstyles. Additionally, some players might find it less precise than traditional control methods like thumbsticks.

Q. What are some future possibilities for the gyroscope on PS5?
A. With continued development, we could see wider adoption of gyro controls across genres, more refined and intuitive implementation, and even system-wide support for features like gyro aiming. Imagine using the gyroscope to control flight in open-world games, cast spells in RPGs with natural hand gestures, or solve puzzles that require physical manipulation. The possibilities are endless!

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