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Does the Xbox Series X Controller Have a Gyroscope? (Answered)

Have you ever wished you could aim with even more precision in your favorite Xbox games? Well, wonder no more! This article delves into the world of gyroscopes in controllers, specifically focusing on the Xbox Series X.

We’ll explore the benefits of gyroscope, its presence (or lack thereof) in the current model, and what the future holds for this technology in Xbox controllers. So, strap in and get ready for a whirlwind tour of gyroscopic gaming!

What is a gyroscope?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s take a quick detour to understand what a gyroscope really is. Essentially, it’s a tiny sensor that detects the orientation and movement of the object it’s embedded in. In the context of controllers, this means the gyroscope can sense how you tilt and move the controller, allowing for more precise and intuitive control.

Benefits of gyroscope in controllers

The benefits of having a gyroscope in your controller are numerous and can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Let’s explore some key advantages.

Improved aiming precision

Gyroscopes offer a level of aiming precision that simply can’t be achieved with thumbsticks alone. This is particularly beneficial for fast-paced shooters where split-second accuracy is crucial. Imagine effortlessly lining up your crosshairs for that perfect headshot!

Enhanced motion controls

Gyroscopes can be used to implement intuitive motion-based controls in various games. This adds a layer of immersion and can make certain gameplay elements feel more natural and engaging. Think of tilting your controller to control your character’s lean or throwing a grenade with a flick of your wrist.

New gameplay possibilities

Gyroscopes open doors for innovative game design. Developers can now create unique control schemes and unlock new gameplay experiences that were previously impossible. Imagine controlling your in-game drone by tilting your controller or navigating intricate 3D environments with intuitive gestures.

So, does the current Xbox Series X controller have a gyroscope?

Does the Xbox Series X Controller Have Gyroscope
Adding a gyroscope might have increased the cost of production, which could have impacted the controller’s affordability

Unfortunately, the current Xbox Series X controller doesn’t have a built-in gyroscope. This might come as a disappointment to some gamers who are accustomed to or drawn to the benefits of gyroscopic controls. However, there are some potential reasons why Microsoft might have made this decision.

Targeting a different audience

Compared to PlayStation and Nintendo consoles, Xbox has traditionally focused on a more hardcore gamer audience who might prefer traditional thumbstick controls.

Cost-cutting measures

Adding a gyroscope might have increased the cost of production, which could have impacted the controller’s affordability.

Focus on other features

Microsoft might have prioritized other features, such as the advanced haptic feedback, over adding a gyroscope.

Future of gyroscope in Xbox controllers

Despite the current model lacking a gyroscope, rumors and leaks suggest that future iterations of the Xbox controller might finally embrace this technology. This is promising news for gamers who are eager to experience the benefits of gyroscopic control on their Xbox.

Here are some potential scenarios for the future of gyroscope in Xbox controllers.

Increased adoption

As gyroscope technology becomes more prevalent and affordable, we might see more and more Xbox controllers incorporating this feature. This would be a welcome change for gamers who value precision and immersive control.

Growing demand

With the increasing popularity of gyroscope-enabled games and the positive reception from gamers across other platforms, the demand for gyroscope support on Xbox is likely to grow. This demand might incentivize Microsoft to include gyroscope in future controller models.

Evolving gameplay possibilities

As developers become more familiar with gyroscope technology, we can expect to see even more innovative and engaging gameplay experiences designed specifically for this type of control. Imagine controlling your character’s movement with subtle tilts of your controller or interacting with in-game objects with intuitive gestures.

Alternatives to Gyroscope on Xbox Series X

Does the Xbox Series X Controller Have Gyroscope
The Elite Series 2 controller offers alternative aiming and movement options (Image credit: The Verge)

While the lack of a gyroscope in the current Xbox Series X controller might be a drawback for some gamers, there are still some alternative options available.

Elite Series 2 controller

This premium controller features built-in paddles that can be customized to different controls, offering alternative aiming and movement options.

Third-party controllers

Several third-party manufacturers offer controllers with gyroscope support specifically designed for Xbox. These controllers usually offer similar functionality to the official Xbox controller, but with the added benefit of gyroscopic controls.

Controller mapping software

Dedicated software allows you to remap the controller buttons and customize control schemes. This can be helpful for creating alternative control configurations that might work better for games that lack native gyroscope support.

Should You Wait for a Gyroscope-Enabled Controller?

Ultimately, whether you should wait for a gyroscope-enabled Xbox controller depends on your individual needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider.

Importance of gyroscope

How important is gyroscope-based control for your gaming experience? Do you play games that benefit significantly from this technology?

Alternative options

Are you comfortable using alternative control methods such as paddles or customized control schemes?


Are you willing to wait for a potential future model with gyroscope support, or are you eager to upgrade your controller now?

If you prioritize precision and immersive control in your gaming, waiting for a gyroscope-enabled controller might be the best option. However, if you’re comfortable with alternative control methods or simply want to upgrade your controller now, other options are available.

Final thoughts

While the current Xbox Series X controller doesn’t have a built-in gyroscope, the future of this technology in Xbox controllers looks promising. With increasing demand and the potential for innovative gameplay experiences, we might see gyroscope become a standard feature in future Xbox controller models. Until then, gamers have alternative options available to experience some of the benefits of gyroscopic control.


Q. Is there any official confirmation about future Xbox controllers having gyroscopes?

A. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t officially confirmed any plans for incorporating gyroscope technology into future Xbox controllers. However, recent leaks and rumors suggest that it’s a strong possibility. We can expect more concrete information closer to the release of future models.

Q. Will my current Xbox Series X controller get gyroscope support through a software update?

A. No, the current Xbox Series X controller hardware doesn’t have the necessary components to support gyroscope functionality. Therefore, a software update can’t enable gyroscope controls.

Q. Can I use a PlayStation or Nintendo controller with gyroscope on my Xbox?

A. Unfortunately, although technically possible, using a PlayStation or Nintendo controller with gyroscope on Xbox isn’t officially supported. You might face compatibility issues and limited functionality. Additionally, connecting them might require adapters or third-party software, which can be inconvenient.

Q. Are there any drawbacks to using gyroscope controls?

A. While gyroscopes offer several benefits, there are some potential drawbacks to consider.

  • Learning curve: Adapting to gyroscope controls might require some practice and getting used to the new control scheme.
  • Battery life: Using gyroscope can slightly decrease the controller’s battery life.
  • Not all games support gyroscope: Not every game is designed to take advantage of gyroscope controls, limiting its usefulness in certain scenarios.

Q. Where can I find more information about gyroscope in controllers?

A. There are various online resources where you can find more information about gyroscope technology in controllers, including:

  • Gaming websites and forums:These often have articles and discussions about the benefits and drawbacks of gyroscope controls.
  • Official Xbox website:Microsoft might provide updates and announcements regarding future controller features, including gyroscope support.
  • Third-party controller manufacturers:These manufacturers might have detailed information about their gyroscope-enabled controllers and their compatibility with Xbox.
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