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Does Valorant Support 32:9 Aspect Ratio?

Ever since its release in 2020, Valorant has taken the competitive shooter scene by storm. With its unique blend of tactical gameplay and character abilities, it’s no surprise why millions of players worldwide have jumped into the fray. As technology advances, so do gamer preferences, and one growing trend is the use of ultrawide monitors, particularly those boasting a 32:9 aspect ratio. But does Valorant, a game built on precise aiming and map awareness, officially support this wider field of view? Does valorant support 32:9 aspect ratio? Let’s dive in and explore the answer.

So, Does Valorant Support 32:9 Aspect Ratio?

While Valorant offers a variety of in-game display options, officially, it does not support the 32:9 aspect ratio. This means that if you try to run the game on a monitor with this resolution, you’ll likely encounter limitations. According to official sources, these limitations include:

  • Stretched image: The game will attempt to fill the wider screen by stretching the image, resulting in distorted visuals and potentially affecting your perception of the environment.
  • Black bars: Alternatively, the game might display black bars on either side of the screen, limiting the actual viewable area and essentially negating the benefit of the wider monitor.

It’s important to note that there is no official statement from Riot Games, the developers of Valorant, regarding potential future support for 32:9 aspect ratios. This leaves players unsure about whether the situation might change further down the line.

User Experience & Workarounds: A Double-Edged Sword

Does Valorant Support 32:9 Aspect Ratio
Certain third-party applications claim to offer support for ultrawide resolutions in games that don’t natively support them

Despite the lack of official support, some players with 32:9 monitors have explored workarounds to run Valorant in their desired aspect ratio. These workarounds often involve:

  • Modifying graphics driver settings: This can involve forcing specific resolutions or aspect ratios through the driver control panel. However, the effectiveness and compatibility of this method can vary depending on your graphics card and driver version.
  • Using third-party tools: Certain third-party applications claim to offer support for ultrawide resolutions in games that don’t natively support them. However, these tools are often unreliable, can violate the game’s terms of service, and may introduce instability or security risks.

It’s crucial to remember that these workarounds come with potential drawbacks.

  • Distorted visuals: As mentioned earlier, stretching the image can significantly alter how the game looks and feels, impacting your ability to judge distances and track enemies accurately.
  • Unfair competitive advantage: Some players argue that playing on a 32:9 aspect ratio, even with distorted visuals, offers an unfair advantage by providing a wider field of view and potentially allowing players to see around corners or spot enemies earlier. This raises concerns about fair play and the integrity of competitive matches.

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Final Thoughts

So, the answer to the question “Does Valorant support 32:9 aspect ratio?” is a clear no. While workarounds exist, they come with significant limitations and potential downsides. As of now, the official stance remains that using unsupported resolutions can create both technical and competitive integrity issues.

The ongoing discussion surrounding ultrawide support in competitive games highlights the complexities involved. While developers strive to maintain a level playing field, players seek to leverage the latest technology for an edge. Ultimately, understanding the limitations and potential ramifications of using unsupported resolutions remains crucial for both developers and players alike. After all, fair play and a balanced experience should always be the priority.


Q. Why doesn’t Valorant officially support 32:9 aspect ratio?
A. There could be several reasons, including technical limitations, balancing concerns, and maintaining a level playing field in competitive matches.

Q. Can I use a third-party tool to force 32:9 in Valorant?
A. While technically possible, it’s strongly discouraged. Using unauthorized tools can violate the game’s terms of service and potentially lead to account suspension or security risks.

Q. Will Valorant ever officially support 32:9 in the future?
A. It’s uncertain. Developers haven’t provided any official statements regarding future support.

Q. Are there any alternative solutions for using a 32:9 monitor with Valorant?
A. You can experiment with different in-game resolution options that offer a balance between wider viewing area and visual fidelity.

Q. What are some other games that support 32:9 aspect ratio?
A. Several titles, primarily single-player experiences or open-world games, offer native support for ultrawide resolutions. However, support for competitive multiplayer games is still limited.

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