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Does the PS4 Controller Have a Gyroscope? Unraveling the Motion Mystery

Ever tilt your PS4 controller during a heated racing game, hoping for a sharper turn? Or maybe you’ve seen other players aiming with uncanny precision in shooters, seemingly defying the limitations of analog sticks. Well, wonder no more, curious gamer, because the secret behind these feats lies in a hidden technology within your trusty DualShock 4: the gyroscope.

But Wait, What Even is a Gyroscope?

Picture this: a tiny, sophisticated sensor that detects your controller’s tilt and rotation in every direction. It’s like a microscopic ballerina inside your gamepad, constantly pirouetting and waltzing to your every tilt and flick. This miniature marvel works alongside other sensors like an accelerometer to create a symphony of motion data, feeding your actions straight into the game.

Does the PS4 Controller Have a Gyroscope?

Yes, the PS4 has a gyroscope. So, why did Sony pack this tech into the DualShock 4? It’s all about adding another layer of control, a new way to interact with the virtual world. Imagine steering your race car by subtly tilting the controller, mimicking the real-life movements of a steering wheel. Or picture lining up your crosshairs in a shooter, using the gyroscope’s precision to adjust your aim beyond the limitations of the sticks. These are just a glimpse of the possibilities unlocked by this hidden sensor.

Does PS4 controller have gyroscope
Not all PS4 games support gyroscope control

But gyroscopes don’t just shine in racing and shooters. Games like The Last Guardian use it to subtly control Trico’s giant form, while titles like Journey employ it for expressive gestures and communication. It’s like adding a new language to your gaming vocabulary, a language of subtle tilts and flicks that can enhance immersion and control in unexpected ways.

Of course, unlocking this hidden potential requires some fine-tuning. You can calibrate your gyroscope in the PS4 settings to ensure its movements translate perfectly into in-game actions. And just like finding the right sensitivity for your analog sticks, you can adjust the gyroscope’s responsiveness to match your personal preferences. Want hair-trigger turning in your racing game? Crank up the sensitivity! Prefer a touch more deliberation in your aiming? Dial it down a notch.

But here’s the thing: gyroscopes aren’t for everyone. Some players prefer the tried-and-true comfort of analog sticks, finding the learning curve of gyroscope control a bit too steep. And let’s be honest, not all games embrace this technology to its full potential. Some developers simply implement it as an afterthought, leaving its possibilities untapped.

Weighing the Pros and Cons


  • Enhanced precision and control in certain games, particularly racing and shooters.
  • More immersive and natural feeling movements, especially in VR.
  • Can be a valuable accessibility tool for players with limited dexterity.


  • Learning curve can be steep for some players.
  • Not all games utilize the gyroscope effectively.
  • Can be inconsistent or imprecise in some situations.

The Future of Play: Will Gyroscopes Rule the Arena?

But what about the future? Will gyroscopes become the dominant control scheme, leaving analog sticks to gather dust in a box of forgotten tech? While it’s tempting to imagine a world where every game boasts intuitive, immersive gyroscope control, the reality is likely more nuanced.

VR’s Immersive Potential: Gyroscopes Take Center Stage

In the realm of virtual reality, however, gyroscopes shine as natural partners. Imagine exploring fantastical landscapes, your controller mirroring your real-life movements to navigate the digital world. Climbing mountains feels real, dodging virtual bullets feels real, and all thanks to the seamless translation of your physical movements through the gyroscope’s magic. VR may just be the arena where gyroscopes truly unlock their full potential.

Evolving Control Schemes: Adapting to New Technologies

But even beyond VR, game developers are constantly experimenting with new control schemes that blend the familiar with the innovative. Imagine a hybrid system where analog sticks handle gross motor movements while gyroscopes take care of fine-tuning your actions. This could lead to a more nuanced and intuitive control experience, blending the precision of sticks with the naturalness of tilt-based control.

The Player’s Choice: Will Sticks or Tilts Reign Supreme?

Ultimately, the question of whether gyroscopes will replace analog sticks is less about technology and more about player preference. Some may embrace the new possibilities, finding the added control and immersion irresistible. Others may stick to the tried-and-true comfort of analog sticks, finding the learning curve and potential inconsistency of gyroscopes too much to handle.

Final Thoughts: Gyroscopes in Your Hands – A Powerful Tool or Passing Fad?

So, is the gyroscope in your PS4 controller a game-changer or a gimmick? The answer, like most things in the ever-evolving world of gaming, is: it depends. It’s a powerful tool with undeniable potential, but its success ultimately hinges on developers creating compelling experiences that truly leverage its strengths. For some players, it’ll be a revelation, opening up new avenues of control and immersion. For others, it might remain a curiosity, a tech feature used occasionally but ultimately overshadowed by the familiar comfort of analog sticks.

One thing’s for sure: the gyroscope is not going anywhere. It’s a testament to the continuous evolution of game controllers, a reminder that the way we interact with virtual worlds is constantly changing. Whether it becomes the dominant control scheme of the future or remains a niche option, one thing’s certain: the gyroscope has added a new dimension to the way we play, and that’s always something to celebrate.


Q. Can I use the gyroscope on all PS4 games?
A. Not all PS4 games support gyroscope control. It’s up to the game developers to decide whether or not to implement it. You can usually check the game’s settings or online resources to see if it supports gyroscope control.

Q. How do I calibrate the gyroscope on my PS4 controller?
A. You can calibrate the gyroscope on your PS4 controller by going to Settings > Accessories > Controllers > Calibrate Gyro. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the calibration process.

Q. Can I use PS4 controller gyroscope on PC?
A. Yes, you can use your PS4 controller’s gyroscope on PC, but you’ll need to use a third-party software program like DS4Windows to enable it.

Q. Which PS4 games make the best use of the gyroscope?
A. Here are some more popular PS4 games that showcase the gyroscope’s potential.

  • Fortnite: Flick stick aiming utilizes the gyroscope for fine-tuning crosshair placement, offering an alternative to traditional stick aiming.
  • Doom Eternal: Gyroscope aiming allows for quick and precise demon-slaying, adding an extra layer of challenge and satisfaction to the fast-paced gameplay.
  • Concrete Genie: Tilting the controller lets you paint vibrant murals on screen, creating a truly immersive and artistic experience.
  • Astro Bot Rescue Mission: This VR platformer leverages the gyroscope for intuitive movement and platforming, making you feel like you’re truly inhabiting the adorable Astro Bot.
  • Dreams: With its expansive creation tools, Dreams allows players to design their own unique gyroscope-based gameplay experiences, further pushing the boundaries of this versatile technology.

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