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How to Put Your Own Music on GTA 5 PS4 (Quick Solution)

Forget radio limitations, Los Santos. It’s time to crank up the tunes of your choosing and cruise those sun-drenched streets with your own custom soundtrack. While the “Self Radio” feature might be missing on PlayStation 4, fear not, music lovers! We’ve got alternative ways to transform your car into a rolling DJ booth and turn Los Santos into your personal concert venue.

Here’s how to put your own music on GTA 5 PS4.

Setting the Stage

Let’s address the elephant in the room: “Self Radio” isn’t there. But fret not, two workarounds await: the mighty Spotify and the trusty USB music player.

Spotify lets you stream your playlists directly into the game, offering a massive library and endless customization. Just link your Spotify account and blast your favorite jams while weaving through traffic. However, online play might require a Spotify Premium subscription.

The USB route? Simply load your MP3s onto a USB stick, plug it into your PS4, and voila! Instant access to your curated collection. Perfect for offline play and ensuring every adrenaline-pumping chase has the perfect soundtrack.

Building Your Soundtrack

Before hitting the road, let’s prep your tunes. MP3s are your best bet for compatibility, so convert any incompatible formats.

Organize your library! Folder structures for genres, moods, or activities can save you from frantic scrolling during a police pursuit. Feeling creative? Craft playlists for specific missions or character journeys. Remember, copyright is king, so stick to legally obtained music.

Hitting the Road

Time to rock! Plug your USB stick into a free port on your PS4. Head to Settings > Devices > USB Storage Devices and format the drive (don’t worry, it won’t erase your music).

Tuning In

Fire up GTA 5. Hop in a car and press Left Arrow on the D-pad to open the radio. Scroll down to Music Player. Boom! Your USB tunes are ready to blast.

Navigate your library using the D-pad, adjust the volume with the right stick, and skip tracks like a pro. Want to switch back to the in-game radio? No problem, just choose another station.

Bonus Gear

how to put your own music on gta 5 ps4
Modern consoles like the PS4 can handle playing music alongside games without noticeable performance drops

Amplify your experience! Invest in a good pair of headphones or a headset for immersive audio that puts you right in the heart of the action. Feeling generous? Share the soundtrack with your passenger by connecting an auxiliary cable to their headphones.

Wrap Up

So ditch the generic radio and crank up your own custom beats. With a little prep and these tips, you’ll be cruising Los Santos in style, your own musical masterpiece echoing through the neon-lit streets. Now hit the gas, and let the good times (and tunes) roll!


Q. Can I add custom music to GTA 5 online?
A. Unfortunately, no. Rockstar Games currently doesn’t allow custom music playback in GTA 5 online. Their reasoning involves balancing gameplay and maintaining a fair environment for all players. However, you can still enjoy your own tunes during solo sessions!

Q. What file formats besides MP3 work?
A. While MP3s are the safest bet, the PlayStation 4 can also handle WMA, AAC, and FLAC formats. However, some older GTA 5 versions might have limitations, so sticking to MP3s is generally recommended for guaranteed compatibility.

Q. Can I mix my music with the in-game radio?
A. Not directly. You can either switch between your custom music player and the in-game stations or use Spotify, which allows you to blend your playlists with the radio during gameplay.

Q. Does custom music affect game performance?
A. In most cases, no. Modern consoles like the PS4 can handle playing music alongside games without noticeable performance drops. However, if you have an older console or a massive music library, it’s worth keeping an eye on potential lag, especially while driving in crowded areas.

Q. What are some cool custom music ideas?
A. Get creative! Here are some suggestions:

  • Themed playlists: Make a “High-Octane Heist” mix for adrenaline-fueled missions, a “Chill Cruising” playlist for exploring the city, or a “Gangster Rap” compilation for Trevor-inspired mayhem.
  • Soundtrack recreations: Relive classic movies or TV shows by playing their soundtracks while cruising through familiar locations. Imagine cruising Vinewood Hills with the “Drive” soundtrack blasting!
  • Discover new artists: Use your custom music as an opportunity to explore genres or artists you haven’t tried before. You might discover your next favorite band while tearing up the highway!

With these tips and ideas in your arsenal, you’re ready to transform your GTA 5 experience into a personalized audio adventure. So grab your controller, load up your tunes, and hit the gas! Los Santos awaits your custom soundtrack, and the open road beckons with the promise of endless musical possibilities.

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