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Is 165hz Good for Fortnite? Your Ultimate Guide to Smoother Victory Royales

Fortnite, with its intense building mechanics and fast-paced action, has become a global phenomenon. But for serious players, every millisecond counts. That’s where refresh rate comes in. It determines how many images your monitor displays per second, impacting smoothness, responsiveness, and ultimately, your competitive edge. So, the question arises: is 165hz good for Fortnite?

Buckle up as we dive deep into the world of refresh rates and explore if 165hz holds the key to your next Victory Royale.

Smoother Than Butter: The Benefits of 165hz in Fortnite

Imagine butter-smooth gameplay where every build edit and flick shot registers instantly. That’s the magic of 165hz. Compared to traditional 60hz monitors, it displays 165 frames per second (FPS), offering several advantages.

Benefits of 165hz for Fortnite

Benefit Description
Smoother gameplay Displays 165 frames per second, resulting in smoother and more responsive visuals.
Reduced input lag Minimizes the delay between actions and their on-screen response, giving you a competitive edge.
Competitive advantage Provides a tangible advantage in reaction times and overall performance, especially in fast-paced scenarios.
Improved motion clarity Reduces blur and makes it easier to track enemies and projectiles, especially during intense combat.
  • Unrivaled fluidity: Say goodbye to choppy visuals and hello to silky-smooth movement. With more frames being drawn, actions appear seamless, enhancing your in-game immersion and overall experience.
  • Reduced input lag: That split-second delay between your action and its on-screen response? 165hz minimizes it, leading to razor-sharp responsiveness. Every click, keystroke, and mouse movement translates instantly, giving you a crucial edge in fast-paced build battles and firefights.
  • Competitive advantage: In Fortnite, milliseconds matter. The quicker you see and react, the better. 165hz can elevate your gameplay by providing that precious edge in close encounters, helping you dominate the competition.
  • Visual enhancements: While smoothness reigns supreme, 165hz also boasts improved motion clarity. Fast-moving objects appear sharper, reducing blur and making it easier to track enemies and projectiles, especially during intense combat.

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Not All Sunshine and Rainbows: Drawbacks to Consider

Before you jump on the 165hz bandwagon, consider these potential drawbacks.

Drawbacks of 165hz for Fortnite

Drawback Description
Cost 165hz monitors are typically more expensive than lower refresh rate options.
Hardware requirements Requires a powerful graphics card and CPU to consistently achieve high frame rates.
Diminishing returns The difference between 165hz and 144hz may not be as noticeable for some players.
Eye strain potential Extended exposure to high refresh rates can potentially cause eye strain.
  • Costly investment: Premium refresh rates come at a premium price. 165hz monitors tend to be pricier than their lower-hertz counterparts, requiring a bigger budget investment.
  • Hardware demands: Don’t expect miracles from a budget setup. To truly unlock the potential of 165hz, you’ll need a powerful graphics card and CPU capable of consistently pushing high frame rates. Bottlenecks can negate the benefits, so ensure your hardware can keep up.
  • Diminishing returns: For casual players or those with lower skill levels, the difference between 165hz and, say, 144hz might not be as significant. Consider your gameplay style and skill level before splurging on the highest refresh rate.
  • Eye strain potential: Staring at high refresh rates for extended periods can strain your eyes. Take regular breaks and adjust brightness and contrast settings for a comfortable viewing experience.

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So, is 165hz Good for Fortnite?

Is 165hz Good for Fortnite
165hz delivers an unparalleled level of fluidity that will elevate your enjoyment of Fortnite

Yes, a 165hz refresh rate is good for Fortnite, especially if you’re looking for a competitive edge.

Who Should Consider 165hz for Fortnite?

Now, the million-dollar question: is 165hz right for you? Here’s who can truly benefit:

  • Competitive players: If you take Fortnite seriously and compete at a high level, 165hz can provide a tangible advantage in reaction times and overall performance. Every edge counts in tournaments, and 165hz can be your secret weapon.
  • High-end hardware owners: If you already boast a powerful PC with a top-tier graphics card and CPU, 165hz will unlock its full potential, letting you experience the smoothest gameplay possible.
  • Smoothness enthusiasts: Do you prioritize a silky-smooth and responsive gaming experience above all else? Then, 165hz delivers an unparalleled level of fluidity that will elevate your enjoyment of Fortnite.

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Alternatives to 165hz

While 165hz shines bright, other refresh rates offer their own value propositions:

  • 144hz: A popular choice, offering a significant smoothness upgrade over 60hz at a slightly lower price tag. For many players, the difference between 144hz and 165hz might be marginal.
  • 240hz: The pinnacle of refresh rates, boasting even smoother visuals and potentially faster response times. However, the cost is significantly higher, and diminishing returns become even more pronounced, making it ideal for top-tier esports players.

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The Verdict

So, is 165hz good for Fortnite? The answer depends on your individual needs and priorities. If you’re a competitive player with high-end hardware and prioritize the smoothest possible experience, then 165hz can be a game changer. But for casual players or those with less powerful setups, the value proposition might not be as clear-cut. Consider your budget, hardware capabilities, and skill level before making the leap.


Q. Will 165hz make me a better Fortnite player?
A. While 165hz can offer advantages in terms of responsiveness and visual clarity, it won’t magically transform you into a pro. Practice, strategy, and decision-making are still crucial for improvement.

Q. What are some good 165hz monitors for Fortnite?
A. Research is key! Many reputable brands offer excellent 165hz monitors. Consider factors like panel type, resolution, size, and features before making a purchase. Check out online reviews and comparisons for informed recommendations.

Q. Can I run 165hz on my laptop?
A. Some high-end gaming laptops boast 165hz displays. However, ensure your laptop’s graphics card and overall performance can consistently push high frame rates to truly benefit from the higher refresh rate.

Q. What if I can’t afford a 165hz monitor?
A. Don’t despair! 144hz monitors offer a significant smoothness upgrade over 60hz at a more budget-friendly price. They can be a great alternative for casual players or those with less powerful hardware.

Q. Will 165hz make my eyes tired?
A. Extended exposure to any screen, regardless of refresh rate, can lead to eye strain. Take regular breaks, adjust brightness and contrast settings, and use eye protection software to minimize discomfort.

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