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Is Bleach on Crunchyroll? Your Guide to Watching Soul Reaper Action Elsewhere

The popular anime series Bleach, following Ichigo Kurosaki’s journey as a substitute Soul Reaper, captivated audiences for years. If you’re looking to relive the series or experience it for the first time, you might be wondering: has Bleach left the shores of Crunchyroll, or can you still find Ichigo battling Hollows there? Is Bleach still on Crunchyroll? Let’s dive into the current status of Bleach on this popular streaming platform.

So, is Bleach on Crunchyroll? A Faded Zanpakuto

While Bleach once graced the halls of Crunchyroll, as of February 2024, it’s no longer there to wield its spiritual pressure. This unfortunate disappearance boils down to licensing agreements, the complex world governing what anime titles reside on which platforms. While there’s no official word on its potential return, the good news is, your quest to witness Ichigo’s journey doesn’t have to end!

Where to Unleash Your Bankai Elsewhere

is Bleach on Crunchyroll
While limited to specific regions, some lucky viewers can access Bleach on Netflix

Several streaming platforms have beckoned Bleach to their ranks, offering you alternative Soul Society havens:

  • Hulu: Unleash your inner Hollow-fighting fury with all 366 episodes of Bleach currently available on Hulu!
  • Netflix: While limited to specific regions, some lucky viewers can access Bleach on Netflix. Check your region’s library to see if you’re in luck!
  • Disney+: Dive into theBleach universe with select seasons available on Disney+, depending on your location.

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Beyond Streaming: Owning a Piece of Soul Society

If streaming isn’t your thing, fret not! You can still acquire Bleach:

  • Digital Purchase: Platforms like iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Prime Video offer digital purchase options for individual episodes or the entire series.
  • Physical Media: Feeling nostalgic? OwnBleach on DVD or Blu-ray, available on various online retailers and physical stores.

Thousand-Year Blood War: A Separate Story

Remember the recent Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War arc? Unfortunately, like its predecessor, it’s currently absent from Crunchyroll due to separate licensing agreements. But fear not, Shinigami enthusiasts! Explore alternative platforms like Hulu or Disney+ (in select regions) to see if it’s available in your area.

Remember: Information about streaming rights can change, so keep an eye out for updates on official platforms and anime news websites.

Bleach: Not Gone, Just Shifted

is Bleach on Crunchyroll
Although Bleach isn’t currently on Crunchyroll, the series’ impact and your appreciation for it continue to stand strong

While Bleach’s absence from Crunchyroll might sting, remember, this doesn’t diminish its legacy or your enjoyment. With alternative streaming options and physical media ownership possibilities, your journey through the Soul Society can continue. So, grab your Zanpakuto (figuratively, of course), and keep fighting the good fight!


Q. Why was Bleach removed from Crunchyroll?
A. Licensing agreements dictate which anime titles appear on each platform. While the specific reasons for Bleach’s removal are unknown, it likely boils down to changes in these agreements.

Q. Will Bleach ever return to Crunchyroll?
A. Unfortunately, there’s no official word on its potential return. Keep an eye on official announcements and anime news websites for updates.

Q. Where can I watch the Thousand-Year Blood War arc?
A. Availability varies depending on your region. Check platforms like Hulu and Disney+ (in select regions) to see if it’s accessible.

Q. Can I buy Bleach digitally or physically?
A. Absolutely! Digital purchase options exist on platforms like iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Prime Video. Additionally, DVDs and Blu-rays are available online and in physical stores.

Q. Are there any other alternatives to watching Bleach?
A. If streaming and physical media aren’t options, consider free, legal anime streaming sites like TubiTV or YouTube, though their libraries and availability may vary. Remember to use trustworthy sources to avoid potential malware or copyright infringement issues.

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