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Is it OK to Leave Your PS5 in Rest Mode All the Time? (Answered)

Imagine this: you’re engrossed in a boss fight, adrenaline pumping, fingers flying across the controller. Suddenly, life calls, and you need to tear yourself away (tragic, we know). But wait! Leaving your PS5 in limbo feels like abandoning a dear friend mid-sentence. So, you hit the rest mode button, promising a swift return. But is this constant slumber a healthy habit for your beloved console?

Fear not, fellow PlayStation warriors, for we’re delving into the mysteries of PS5 rest mode. We’ll unveil its secrets, weigh the pros and cons, and ultimately equip you to decide: rest mode friend or full shutdown foe?

The Rest Mode Lowdown: What Actually Happens?

Think of rest mode as your PS5’s power nap. It’s not entirely asleep, but it’s definitely not wide awake. Here’s the gist:

  • Downloads and Updates: Games and system updates keep chugging along, ensuring you return to a fresh, ready-to-play experience.
  • Remote Play and Controller Charging: Access your PS5 remotely from other devices (like your phone!), and keep your controllers juiced up for epic gaming sessions.

Power Consumption in Rest Mode

Rest mode uses less power than running games, but it’s not a complete blackout. If energy efficiency is your mantra, full shutdowns will be your jam.

Benefits of Leaving Your PS5 in Rest Mode

Is it OK to Leave Your PS5 in Rest Mode All the Time
Rest mode uses less power than running games, but it’s not a complete blackout
  • Quick Resumes: Jump back into your game instantly, just like picking up a paused movie. Say goodbye to agonizing loading screens!
  • Automatic Downloads and Updates: No more waiting for updates to finish before playing. Rest mode gets it done while you’re away, conquering digital chores like a gaming superhero.
  • Pre-Downloading for Seamless Gaming: Pre-download upcoming games in rest mode, and dive straight into the action on release day. No more agonizing “downloading…” screens interrupting your hype.
  • Remote Play Convenience: Access your PS5 from anywhere with a decent internet connection. Imagine slaying dragons on your phone during your lunch break!

Potential Drawbacks of Continuous Rest Mode

  • Increased Power Consumption: While lower than playing games, it’s not zero. Consider eco-friendly shutdowns if electricity bills give you anxiety.
  • Minor Performance Issues and Bug Fixes: Some games might experience occasional hiccups in rest mode. A full shutdown can iron out these wrinkles.
  • Unexpected Shutdowns and System Instability: While rare, prolonged rest mode can lead to these hiccups. A good old-fashioned power cycle can often be the cure.
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Rest Mode Best Practices for Optimal Performance

Don’t fret, rest mode warriors! There are ways to optimize your slumbering console for a happy, healthy life. Here are some pro tips.

  • Set Download and Update Preferences: Tell your PS5 when it’s okay to download and update, like during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower. You can even prioritize downloads for specific games, so your most-anticipated titles download first.
  • Adjust Rest Mode Duration and Timer Settings: Choose how long your PS5 stays in rest mode before powering down automatically. This balances convenience with energy efficiency.
  • Keep Software Updated for Bug Fixes: Just like you update your phone, keep your PS5 software updated. This often addresses rest mode quirks and performance issues.
  • Occasional Full Shutdowns are Healthy: Think of it like deep sleep for your console. A full shutdown occasionally helps clear temporary data and keeps things running smoothly.

When is Fully Turning Off Your PS5 a Better Choice?

Is it OK to Leave Your PS5 in Rest Mode All the Time
Packing your PS5 for a weekend getaway? A full shutdown is safer

While rest mode is your trusty sidekick for most situations, sometimes a full shutdown is the wiser path. Here are some scenarios.

  • Extended Periods of Inactivity: Going on vacation? Planning a digital detox? Give your PS5 a full slumber party. Shut it down to save energy and prevent potential dust buildup.
  • Traveling or Moving Your Console: Packing your PS5 for a weekend getaway? A full shutdown is safer, especially during bumpy car rides or airplane trips.
  • Downloading Large Updates or Games: Megabyte monsters like Call of Duty updates can overwhelm rest mode. Opt for a full shutdown to ensure smooth, uninterrupted downloads.
  • Troubleshooting Performance Issues: Experiencing lag or glitches? A full shutdown and restart can often do the trick by clearing temporary data and refreshing the system.
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Rest Mode Myths Debunked

Myth #1: Rest Mode drains your PS5’s battery life.
Fact: While technically true for the DualSense controller if left unplugged, rest mode itself has minimal impact on the PS5’s internal battery. It’s designed for efficient slumber, maintaining essential functions without devouring juice. Think of it as a light sleeper, not a power guzzler.

Myth #2: Leaving your PS5 in rest mode 24/7 will damage it.
Fact: Rest mode is no villain! Modern consoles are built for sustained periods of rest. However, just like any electronic device, occasional full shutdowns are beneficial. Think of it as giving your PS5 a chance to defrag its digital brain and wake up refreshed.

Myth #3: You can’t download games in rest mode.
Fact: False alarm! Rest mode is your download champion, silently fetching updates and games while you’re away. Imagine waking up to a library of fresh entertainment, courtesy of your slumbering console. Just configure your download settings for maximum efficiency.

Final Verdict: Rest Mode or Full Shutdown?

Ultimately, the answer depends on your gaming habits and priorities. If convenience and instant resumes are your jam, rest mode might be your best friend. Just be mindful of power consumption and occasional performance hiccups. For eco-conscious players or those who value stability, full shutdowns offer peace of mind and lower energy bills.

Consider Your Gaming Habits and Preferences

Do you play short bursts throughout the day? Does the thought of waiting for downloads make you break out in hives? Rest mode might be your savior. However, if you’re a marathon gamer or value energy efficiency, full shutdowns might be your happy place.

Prioritize Convenience or Energy Efficiency

Weigh your priorities. Is constant accessibility paramount? Or does minimizing your carbon footprint take center stage? There’s no right or wrong answer, just the “right” choice for you and your gaming lifestyle.

Remember, your PS5 is your loyal gaming companion. Treat it well, whether it’s slumbering in rest mode or powering down for a deep sleep. Now go forth and conquer, fellow PlayStation warriors!


Q. Does Rest Mode affect the lifespan of my PS5?
A. No, there’s no evidence that rest mode affects your PS5’s lifespan. However, occasional full shutdowns are beneficial for clearing temporary data and ensuring optimal performance.

Q. Can I leave my PS5 in Rest Mode during thunderstorms?
A. It’s best to unplug your PS5 during thunderstorms to protect it from power surges. Even in rest mode, the console remains connected to the power outlet, leaving it vulnerable.

Q. How do I troubleshoot Rest Mode issues?
A. If you experience issues like unexpected shutdowns or controller disconnects, try restarting your PS5 completely. If the problem persists, consider contacting PlayStation Support for further assistance.

Q. Can I put my PS5 in Rest Mode remotely?
A. Yes, the PlayStation App allows you to put your PS5 in rest mode remotely from your phone or another device. This is handy if you forget to do it before leaving home.

Q. Are there any hidden settings for Rest Mode?
A. Yes, you can access advanced settings for rest mode by going to Settings > System > Power Saving. Here, you can fine-tune options like how long to stay in rest mode before automatically powering down.

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