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Should You Get a 144Hz Monitor for Your PS5?

The PlayStation 5 boasts impressive graphics and processing power, but can it keep up with a 144Hz monitor? This high refresh rate promises butter-smooth visuals, but is it overkill for a PS5? In this article, we’ll dive into the world of refresh rates, explore the PS5’s capabilities, and ultimately answer the question: is a 144Hz monitor worth it for your PlayStation 5?

Advantages of a 144Hz Monitor

Let’s look at the advantages.

Smoothness and Responsiveness

A 144Hz refresh rate translates to the monitor refreshing the image on your screen 144 times per second, compared to the standard 60Hz in most monitors. This translates to a significantly smoother and more responsive visual experience, especially in fast-paced games like shooters or racing titles. Imagine the difference between watching a flip book with 60 pages and one with 144 – the smoother transitions create a more lifelike and immersive experience.

VRR Compatibility

The PS5 supports VRR, a technology that dynamically adjusts the monitor’s refresh rate to match the frame rate of the game being played. This eliminates visual tearing and stuttering, further enhancing the feeling of fluidity. While the PS5 currently outputs a maximum of 120Hz, a 144Hz monitor offers some wiggle room for future potential and ensures full utilization of VRR capabilities.


The gaming industry constantly pushes boundaries. While not all PS5 games currently support 144Hz, future titles might be developed to take advantage of higher frame rates. By investing in a 144Hz monitor now, you’re setting yourself up for a potentially smoother experience down the line.

Considering the Limitations

should i get a 144hz monitor for ps5
Even with a 144Hz monitor, you won’t be able to fully exploit the refresh rate in all games

Here are the limitations.

Native 120Hz Support

It’s important to remember that the PS5 currently only outputs a maximum of 120 frames per second (fps). This means that even with a 144Hz monitor, you won’t be able to fully exploit the refresh rate in all games.

Cost Factor

Generally, 144Hz monitors come at a premium compared to their 60Hz counterparts. Carefully weigh the potential benefits against the additional cost before making a decision.

Game Compatibility

Not all PS5 games currently support 120Hz. You’ll need to check individual game listings to see if they offer this option.

Alternatives and Additional Factors

should i get a 144hz monitor for ps5
TN panels boast the fastest response times but often have limitations in viewing angles and color accuracy

Now let’s look at alternatives and additional factors.

1440p Resolution

For a good balance between resolution and refresh rate, consider a 1440p monitor. This resolution offers a sharper image than 1080p (Full HD) while remaining achievable for the PS5 hardware to deliver frame rates closer to 120fps.

Panel Type

There are different types of monitor panels, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. IPS panels offer excellent viewing angles but might have slightly slower response times. TN panels boast the fastest response times but often have limitations in viewing angles and color accuracy. Researching the different panel types will help you choose one that best suits your needs.

Other Features

Consider additional features that enhance the visual experience, such as High Dynamic Range (HDR). HDR displays offer a wider range of colors and brighter whites, creating a more vibrant and realistic image.

Final Thoughts

While a 144Hz monitor offers the potential for a smoother and more responsive gaming experience, it’s crucial to acknowledge the limitations. The PS5 currently doesn’t fully utilize a 144Hz refresh rate, and the additional cost might not be justifiable for everyone.


Q. Does PS5 support 144Hz monitors?
A. Yes, the PS5 can output a maximum of 120Hz, and 144Hz monitors will work with the console. However, not all games currently support 120fps.

Q. Is a 144Hz monitor a significant upgrade over a 60Hz monitor for PS5?
A. It depends. In fast-paced games where frame rate plays a crucial role, the jump from 60Hz to 144Hz can be noticeable. You’ll experience smoother visuals and potentially quicker response times. However, since the PS5’s native output is capped at 120fps, you won’t fully exploit the 144Hz refresh rate in all games.

Q. Should I prioritize a 144Hz monitor or a higher resolution (like 4K) for my PS5?
A. This depends on your preferences. If prioritizing frame rate and smoothness, a 144Hz monitor might be better. However, if visual fidelity and sharper details are crucial, a 4K monitor would be ideal.

Q. Are there any downsides to using a 144Hz monitor with PS5?
A. Besides the potentially higher cost, some games might not reach frame rates high enough to fully utilize the 144Hz refresh rate. Additionally, ensuring the monitor supports HDMI 2.1 is crucial for enabling features like VRR.

Q. What other features should I consider when choosing a monitor for PS5?
A. Consider factors like panel type (IPS for viewing angles, TN for faster response times), response time (important for fast-paced games), and additional features like HDR for a more vibrant image.

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