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Why is My Valorant FPS Capped at 30? A Guide to Uncapping Smooth Gameplay

Ever jump into Valorant, ready to dominate the competition, only to find your frames locked at a sluggish 30 FPS? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This frustrating issue can seriously cramp your style and leave you questioning your skills (trust us, it’s not you!). This guide is here to help you diagnose and fix the culprit behind your capped FPS, so you can get back to dominating the battlefield.

Feeling the Lag? The Impact of Capped FPS

Imagine lining up the perfect headshot, only for your aim to stutter as the frame freezes. Disheartening, right? Capped FPS throws a wrench into your gameplay, causing lag, input delay, and a jerky experience that’s more like watching a slideshow than a competitive shooter. It hinders your reaction time, throws off your aim, and ultimately puts you at a disadvantage. Time to say goodbye to lag and unleash your true potential!

Why is My Valorant FPS Capped at 30?

So, what’s holding your frames hostage? Before we bust them out, let’s explore the common suspects.

In-Game Settings

  • Hidden Handcuffs: Sometimes, the culprit is right under your nose. Check if you’ve accidentally capped your FPS within Valorant’s settings. It happens to the best of us!
  • VSync, the Bottlenecker: VSync synchronizes your FPS with your monitor’s refresh rate, which can be helpful for eliminating screen tearing, but it can also limit your FPS if your hardware can handle more.
  • The Invisible Limiter: Frame rate limiters, whether in-game or third-party, can restrict your FPS, even if you haven’t set them manually.

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System Limitations

  • Hardware Hurdles: If your graphics card or processor can’t keep up with Valorant’s demands, it might bottleneck your FPS, capping it at 30. Time to consider an upgrade, agent!
  • Resource Raiders: Background applications like Discord, streaming software, or even antivirus programs can gobble up resources, leaving less for Valorant. Shut down the party crashers!
  • Power Play: Power saving mode might throttle your performance to conserve battery. Switch to high-performance mode for maximum FPS potential.

Software Showdown

Why is My Valorant FPS Capped at 30
Outdated or faulty graphics drivers can wreak havoc on your FPS
  • Overlay Overlords: Overlays from recording or streaming software can sometimes interfere with Valorant and cause FPS drops. Disable them temporarily to see if it helps.
  • Driver Drama: Outdated or faulty graphics drivers can wreak havoc on your FPS. Update them regularly to keep your system running smoothly.

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Other Factors

  • Refresh Rate Reality: Ensure your monitor’s refresh rate matches or exceeds your desired FPS. Running a 144Hz monitor with capped 30 FPS is like having a sports car stuck in first gear.
  • File Frenzy: Corrupted game files can sometimes cause strange issues, including capped FPS. Try repairing or reinstalling the game.

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Troubleshooting Steps

Now that we’ve identified the potential culprits, let’s get down to business.

Why is My Valorant FPS Capped at 30
If your hardware is outdated, consider an upgrade
  1. In-Game Settings Check: First things first, double-check that your FPS isn’t capped within Valorant’s settings. Disable any frame rate limiters and turn off VSync.
  2. Optimize Your System: Close unnecessary background applications and switch to high-performance mode. Update your graphics drivers for optimal performance.
  3. Software Showdown: Temporarily disable overlays from recording/streaming software and update or reinstall any software that might be conflicting.
  4. Hardware Check: If your hardware is outdated, consider an upgrade. Ensure proper cooling and ventilation to prevent overheating, which can throttle performance.
  5. Additional Solutions: Verify your monitor’s refresh rate and adjust it accordingly. Try repairing or reinstalling Valorant to fix any corrupted files.

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Final Thoughts

By following these steps and trying different solutions, you should be able to identify and remove the shackles holding your FPS captive. Remember, sometimes it’s a combination of factors, so be patient and experiment. If you’re still struggling, don’t hesitate to consult online communities or reach out to Valorant support for further assistance. Now go forth, agent, and unleash your true potential on the battlefield!


Q. What’s the difference between FPS and refresh rate?
A. FPS (Frames Per Second) measures how many images your graphics card can generate per second, while refresh rate measures how many times your monitor can display a new image per second. It’s like the engine (FPS) of your car and the speed at which the wheels (refresh rate) can turn. For a smooth experience, ideally your FPS should be equal to or higher than your monitor’s refresh rate.

Q. I tried everything, but my FPS is still capped!
A. Don’t despair! If none of the above solutions work, consider.

  • Checking for overheating: Use monitoring tools to check your CPU and GPU temperatures. Overheating can throttle performance. Ensure proper cooling and ventilation.
  • Verifying game integrity: Use the launcher’s repair function to fix corrupted game files.
  • Seeking community help: Share your specific issue and system details on Valorant forums or communities. Experienced players might have additional insights.
  • Contacting Valorant support: If all else fails, their official support channels can offer personalized assistance.

Q. Can overclocking help boost my FPS?
A. Overclocking involves pushing your hardware beyond its factory settings to squeeze out more performance. While it can increase FPS, it’s a risky process that can damage your hardware if not done carefully. Research thoroughly and proceed with caution before attempting it.

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